August 21-23
Adult: $5-$30
Senior: $5-$30
Student/Dancer: $5-$30

An encore celebration of the power and necessity of dance, hosted by JC Brooks and featuring a mix of new and favorite pieces from Chicago Tap Theatre.

Celebrate tap dance in a theater again! Chicago Tap Theatre is excited to present this Encore of its live streamed show from the historic Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago. 30 Feet Together, 6 Feet Apart is hosted by funk and soul master, JC Brooks and features a live band.

30 Feet Together, 6 Feet Apart is a celebration of the power and necessity of dance and live music, as well as a vision of how dance on the concert stage can be presented at this time. Please note that CTT observed all relevant rules and guidelines surrounding social distancing, number of people gathered and wearing of masks. Generally-speaking tap dance does not require the partnering and proximity on which some dance forms thrive.

Admission is $5-$30 based on a pay-what-you-can sliding scale. Your payment goes towards the costs of producing this show, including payment for dancers, musicians, technicians, the technology and all the space (6 feet plus!) to make this all happen. There is also a free option for those in need. We want to ensure that ALL people, regardless of economic need, are able to access the life-altering power of live music and tap dance.

Choose your admission level, register, and we will send you a via Vimeo link during the week of August 17 to view the performance. You will have 3 days to view at your convenience between August 21 at noon through August 23 at midnight.

*REGISTRATION TROUBLESHOOTING* – If you are using Internet Explorer, please try a different web browser. If this is not helpful, try using a private browsing window such as Incognito on Chrome. If you are having trouble submitting payment, please be aware that you have to enter your zip code twice. Auto-Fill does not catch this, you may need to enter your credit card manually. Please contact [email protected] if you are still having any trouble.

Click here to download the Program for 30 Feet Together, 6 Feet Apart!