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June 8, 9, & 10 at 8 PM

June 11 at 3 PM

The Den Theatre

Tap dance lies at the intersection of dance and music; tap dancers are both dancers and musicians simultaneously. What you see is what you hear, what you hear is what you see. Instead of just dancing to music, tap requires that you also become the music – opening the door to deeper expression, connection, and exploration.

Directed by Sterling Harris, Synesthete explores the inherently cross-sensory nature of tap dance. A synesthete is a person whose sensory perceptions are intertwined. What would usually stimulate one sense instead stimulates multiple. Imagine being able to see music, feel the sensation of a touch when you hear a specific note, or even taste words. Positioning tap dance as the inducer, or trigger experience, Synesthete will invite audiences into a world that is a blend of music, dance, motion, emotion, sensation, and perception.


Ctt Summer Intensives

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