Praise for Tidings of Tap 2015

“CTT brings holiday cheer to the intimate UIC Theater this weekend in the annual “Tidings of Tap!” Holiday Spectacular. Yonally’s piece de resistance is “Rest Ye, Man,” his solo improvisation set to a jazz interpretation of “Oh Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.”
-Lauren Warnecke, SeeChicagoDance

Praise & TV Appearance for Circo Tap

“The impressive result is a grafting of tap dance and circus arts onto a larger field of dance theatre, enhancing the creative reach of both, but especially of tap dance, into the arena of modern dance and ballet without losing the distinctive qualities that make each genre unique.”
Lynn Shapiro, SeeChicagoDance

Praise for TightWire

“This is more than a good excuse for superb tap dancing, imaginative storytelling, and marvelous live music; it’s a circus!”
-Lynn Shapiro, SeeChicagoDance

Praise for CTT’s tour to Geneseo, NY

“The Chicago Tap Theatre graced the Wadsworth Auditorium stage on Saturday Nov. 8, wowing the audience with innovative style and dynamic expertise.” -Antonia Maric, The Lamron

Praise for ShoeStrings

“Chicago Tap Theatre’s ShoeStrings is a collision of unparalleled footwork, live music and storytelling that dares the rest of the tap world to elevate its game.” -Sarah Myers, Chicago Stage Standard

Praise for Unleash the Beats

“CTT has a hold on a plethora of live arts audiences.
Couples, dancers, tweens, theatre goers, musicians…
They’ve got fans. Like, legit fans.”
-Lauren Warnecke, Art Intercepts