Company Member, Rehearsal Director

Kirsten began training with the Jensen School of Performing Arts at the age of 3 in her hometown, San Jose, Calif. She came to Illinois by way of college, receiving a BS in Fitness and Sport and a Minor in Dance at Millikin University. Since her move to Chicago in 2009, she has danced with Cartier Collective (dir. Julie Cartier) and joined in multiple works with Dance Chance Chicago, Audible Odyssey, and Jump Rhythm Jazz Project (dir. Billy Siegenfeld). Her favorite part about living in Chicago is the abundance of opportunities to support other dance companies and fine arts organizations on a regular basis. Kirsten enjoys traveling to take class at festivals all around the states including the Twin Cities Tap Festival and LA Tap Fest, where she has had the pleasure to work with Brenda Bufalino, Sam Weber, Nicholas Van Young, Dianne Walker, Jason Samuels Smith, and more. This is Kirsten’s tenth year as a performing dancer and her fifth year as Rehearsal Director. Some of her favorite shows include We Will Tap You, Liaison, Tightwire, Changes, and Sweet Tap Chicago. She has choreographed a number of pieces for CTT over the years, recently “Superstar” and “Wanna Be Cool” for the 15th anniversary season, a trio of New Year’s celebration dances for Tidings of Tap, and most recently “The Guys’ Groove” for Sweet Tap Chicago. Thanks to my family for never missing a show and simply being the best!

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