Touring Apprentice

Sara is excited to be back in Chicago again and dancing with CTT for her 3rd season! Originally from Colorado, Sara’s love for dance and the arts started from infancy. A high-chair and lack of walking skills couldn’t keep this one from bobbing anytime a good tune came on. Now armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dance and Arts Management from Oklahoma City University and training in Krav Maga, she’s equipped to kick butt and take names… literally. When this curly-haired girl isn’t dancing she’s an Apparel Painter for Wren+Glory in New York City and also has her own Etsy shop with hand-painted gifts and apparel. She knows she would be nothing without the love and support of her family and friends and dedicates her dancing in honor of her mom who was her biggest cheerleader. Praise to God for turning my mourning into dancing! Psalm 30:11.

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