Members of Chicago Tap Theatre perform in Saving the World at Stage 773 on Saturday, June 8, 2019. (David Harmantas/Chicago Tap Theatre)

“For astute dance audiences, however, CTT is revered for its signature “tap operas,” story-driven shows which use the dancers’ feet like a soprano uses her voice — Italian or French lyrics replaced by shuffles and flaps.” -Lauren Warnecke

“Yonally’s engaging choreography runs through every possible dance combination from numerous solos through duets ( even a pas de deux for June and David ), trios, quartets on up to full company ( 12 dancers ) unison. There’s even a brief company kick-line. Yonally’s patterns are relatively simple—circles, lines, v-formation and two lines/groups facing each other—but entirely effective in communicating the gist of each situation. For instance, the ensemble dances the natural disasters before assuming positions as victims, and it’s clear when they are a tornado, a wave or a hurricane.” -Jonathan Abarbanel