“That’s something I love about CTT: They certainly aren’t the only group committed to live music, but rather than relegate the musicians to a pit beneath the stage, the band is central, equally as important as the dancers.”

“A three-part Hanukkah section includes Rich Ashworth’s beautiful quartet for four of the company’s women called “Candlelight,” and new choreography to traditional Klezmer music, jointly choreographed by artistic director Mark Yonally and Billy Siegenfeld, the director of Evanston’s Jump Rhythm Jazz Project. Thankfully, this section is artfully crafted, avoiding the pitfalls of many a holiday revue which calls itself non-denominational by haphazardly throwing “The Dreidel Song” onto what is otherwise a Christmas concert.”

“Their tap dancing, on the other hand, is spot on, and while added theatrics and the loose narrative add personality and charm, I personally love just seeing these great performers dance.”

Chicago Tribune Review by Lauren Warnecke

PC: David Harmantas