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Saving the World (through tap dance!!)

  “For astute dance audiences, however, CTT is revered for its signature “tap operas,” story-driven shows which use the dancers’ feet like a soprano uses her voice — Italian or French lyrics replaced by shuffles and flaps.” -Lauren Warnecke     “Yonally’s engaging choreography runs through every possible dance combination from numerous solos through duets… Read more »

Tidings of Tap 2019: Revamped and Reimagined

“That’s something I love about CTT: They certainly aren’t the only group committed to live music, but rather than relegate the musicians to a pit beneath the stage, the band is central, equally as important as the dancers.” “A three-part Hanukkah section includes Rich Ashworth’s beautiful quartet for four of the company’s women called “Candlelight,”… Read more »